The following terms will be helpful in our conversations as we develop a culture of discipleship among women at LAC:

Disciple - a faithful follower of Christ.

Discipler - also a Disciple; she takes the lead in a Life-on-Life Discipleship Relationship. 

Discipleship - the intentional effort to grow in a faithful relationship to Jesus Christ our Savior by learning what Jesus said and then living that out. This can occur in a Life-on-Life relationship, in a Small Group, in ADC, etc.

Discipleship Relationships – where believers are equipped through the Word of God in Life-on-Life relationships, Small Groups, ADC, etc.; and are empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to become more faithful followers of Christ.

Life-on-Life Discipleship – a one-on-one discipleship relationship; letting someone in on your spiritual walk by sharing what you have learned.

Life-on-Life Partners – a Discipler and a Disciple who have made a commitment to meet regularly in order to encourage spiritual growth.

If you are interested in being involved in a Life-on-Life relationship, click HERE.

Click on the Life-on-Life forms below to download:

Life-on-Life Discipleship - Recommended Components

Life-on-Life Agreement

Disciple Profile

Discipler Profile