Welcome to LAC Women’s Discipleship!  Our Purpose is to intentionally equip LAC women to live out the LAC Mission Statement:  We exist to glorify God by making Disciples who are growing in Christ, engaging in ministry, and sharing their faith.

Maybe you are currently in a discipleship relationship OR maybe this is all new for you. So much is already happening at LAC in the area of Discipleship: Adult Discipleship clases; small groups; Bible Studies; Life-on-Life relationships; Minis & Me; etc.  We want to foster a culture of discipleship among all LAC women who are actively seeking to grow as disciples . . . to make an intentional effort to grow in relationship to Christ ourselves; and to encourage one another as we make disciples who also seek out discipleship relationships. [Matthew 28.19,20; Luke 9.23]

We will connect with LAC women regarding Women’s Discipleship opportunities and resources through occasional informational flyers; the bulletin; explanations and forms on this LAC website; regular posts on our Facebook page (LAC Women’s Discipleship); and by word of mouth . . . because this is not a Program, but rather a Conversation about pressing on as disciples of Christ! [Philippians 3.7-14] 

For more information, please click HERE to contact Noel Connell, Discipleship Director.