This conversation is for those who recognize the need to lead well in their family contexts and would benefit from having conversations around how to do this. It will vary in topic and approach and is a right choice for you in this season, regardless of you stage of life.

Led by Pastor Bear & Dan West | Room D1

agape apologetics: Loving your neighbor by defending the faith

We live in a culture that is post-Christian, yet we are still called by Christ to share the good news of the gospel with our neighbors. This class will be an exploration of how to do this effectively with those around us who no longer hold to the Christian worldview. If we truly love our neighbors, then we will desire to reach them in meaningful ways. We will study and discuss so that we can be prepared to have great conversations with those who God has placed in our lives.  

Led by Jesse Skaggs | Theater

connect & engage

Are you ready to take the next step into life at LAC? Would you like to engage in meaningful relationships with others? Do you have questions about The Alliance and our local church ministry? Connect & Engage seeks to answer your questions. This multi-week class provides the pathway to membership. 

This class concludes on November 12. 

Led by Frank & Dot Milliken with Jeff & Sandy Eberts | Room C2



Loss over the holidays can be very difficult. It brings back many memories. This group will walk with you providing help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend. You are welcome to begin attending at any point. Each week will include a different aspect of grief and how to walk the journey after suffering a loss. Each session is self-contained so you may attend any week. 

Led by Shirley Hoke | D2

Young adults (ages 18-30) | What Is this gospel I'm supposed to live out?

How do I live like Jesus at school, through my business, with my friends, or at my job? How do I live like Jesus? Ever feel the pressure of "sharing the gospel" with people? How do I? Why should I? What does it even mean? Join us as we examine how the gospel meets everyday life. 

Led by Pastor Ray Taylor with Jon & Jeanette Knaub | E1

prayer in action

Each Sunday morning, year-round, there is a prayer gathering where participants learn more about prayer and will spend time in specific prayer for the services. This will be a unique gathering format. Prayer times will be focusing on the speaker of the day, the work of the Holy Spirit in the services and joining together to enter worshipful prayer. 

Led by Michael & Kimberly Lapham | D3