Starting April 7, 2024


This conversation is for those who recognize the need to lead well in their family contexts and would benefit from having conversations around how to do this. It will vary in topic and approach and is a right choice for you in this season, regardless of you stage of life.

Led by Pastor Bear & Dan West | Room D1

None Greater | The Undomesticated attributes of god

Based on a book of the same name, we will study together attributes of God that demonstrate that He alone is worthy of worship. The church in all 3 of its major brances (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) has affirmed certain characteristics of God, namely his immutability, simplicity, impassibility, and eternality. We will learn how these attributes help us to affirm that there is "none greater" than God.

Led by Jesse Skaggs | Theater

Study on Revelation

The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John is perhaps one of the most enigmatic, if not the most misunderstood book of the Bible.  Revelation is written in “apocalyptic” form—a type of Jewish literature that uses symbolic imagery to communicate hope in the ultimate triumph of God to those in the midst of persecution.  The very fact that "apocalyptic" and "hope" are both used in the same sentence to describe this book reveals the depth of the mysteries found in its pages.  Revelation begins with a brief prologue in which John describes his experience in receiving the visions he recorded for us.  He then issues praise and warning to seven of the principal churches of John's day. This takes the reader through chapters 1-3. Our study will focus mainly on the remainder of the book (chs. 4-22) which tells of what comes next.  (Participants should pre-read those first 3 chapters before the class begins.)

As Christians, we know Christ will one day return. He told us in the gospels that even He did not know when this would happen, but He did say there would be signs.  Revelation, sometimes in vivid symbolism, sometimes in cryptic warnings, gives us a peek at what some of those signs might be.  The format for this study will be mainly group discussion with most of the reading done at home, throughout the week.

Led by Kent Brusstar | Room C2



LAC Young Adults desire to be a part of Jesus’ life transforming work by emphasizing that “changed lives, change lives.” Jesus, as the model of a changed life, changed the disciples’ lives. Enabled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Jesus invited us “to go,” as He leads us and makes disciples through us.


Led by Pastor Ray Taylor with Jon & Jeanette Knaub | D2


Each Sunday morning, year-round, there is a prayer gathering where participants learn more about prayer and will spend time in specific prayer for the services. This will be a unique gathering format. Prayer times will be focusing on the speaker of the day, the work of the Holy Spirit in the services and joining together to enter worshipful prayer. 

Led by Rotating Facilitators | D3