The church Library is open for your use whenever the church is open. Generally, the Librarian or other volunteers are only in the Library to assist you between services on Sunday morning.


We are grateful for the generosity of those who have donated books to the church Library! THANK YOU!! Because of the volume of donations and due to limited space in our Library, we need to be selective regarding which books and how many books we can accept to be placed on the Library shelves. The following guidelines refer to your donations and our acceptance of them:

  • Since this is a church Library, we request that you donate only Christian books.
  • Donated books should be relatively current editions in excellent condition (i.e., not torn, bent, yellowed, marked in any way, etc.).
  • We cannot accept study guides, workbooks, or personal journals.
  • We reserve the right to redistribute any books which are duplicates or in some other way do not fit into our collection. Please check with Marcia Tyrrell (Librarian) before you donate books.
  • We will periodically make available a Wish List of books which we would like to have on our Library shelves, and will welcome donations of books from those lists.


Please help us be good stewards of our Library by returning your overdue books!