Welcome to Minis & Me at Lancaster Alliance Church! We are so excited to be a part of this community with you as we explore the 2019/2020 theme, "Embracing Adventure." Registration is now open. 

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Registration will close on September 1 and a waiting list will begin. 

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Welcome to Minis & Me at Lancaster Alliance Church! We are so excited to be a part of this community with you. 

We invite all mothers either expecting a baby or mothers of young children (age birth through Kindergarten) to join us at Minis and Me as together we explore our Minis and Me theme for the 2019-2020 year, Embracing Adventure. 

Our members may come from different backgrounds but they have similar needs and a shared desire to be the best mothers they can be. We know that God values motherhood, and mothers of preschoolers need special encouragement. Twice a month we gather to visit over brunch, learn from guest speakers, encourage one another, and enjoy some "me time" while our children have fun in our age-specific Minis program.


We meet every other Tuesday (September through May) from 9-11:15 AM.

2019 Meeting Dates: 

Sept. 10 & 24

Oct. 8 & 22

Nov. 5 & 19

Dec. 3 & 17

2020 Meeting Dates: 

Jan 7 & 21

Feb. 4 & 18

March 3, 17, 31

April 14 & 28

May 12

May 26 (Make-up day, if needed)


Our 2019-20 Theme

Psalms 32:8, 37:23-24

Motherhood is an adventure. Being a mom is challenging and stretching. Pushing ourselves, to hurry, to multitask, to be more than we are; perhaps even more than God created us to be. Everyone is uniquely designed and blessed. One adventurer climbs Mount Everest, despite fierce cold, and as a reward gets to take in the absolute breathtaking view. And another adventurer is a mother, taking her child to the grocery store. A meltdown is a very possible risk and one we calculate for by planning the time and having a bag of Cheerios in hand, the outcome is food for your family another week. 

There is a bigger part this adventure of motherhood as well. If you were to prepare to do something you have never done you plan, strategize, and most importantly we consult someone that has done it before you. For us we have God. He is better than a mentor however. He is our Guide. He has taken it upon himself to not just tell us the way, but knows each uniquely. Knows are strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies; and planned our route for us and knows what we will encounter as we venture forth. But He doesn't stop there. God walks before us and beside us. We don't have to know what is ahead; we can just trust that God has got this. 

Love your here and now, allow yourself to be present. You can slow down, breathe and settle in. This adventure will stretch you; push you past what you feel you can do. It may not be the path you were going to take but this way was chosen for you in mind. It is only when we rest in Him that we see God's purpose. It is only through the eyes of God that we can find a smile for our child once we find her with a marker and a masterpiece on the wall. It is a beautiful ride, this adventure was chosen for you, Embrace it! 


Is there a fee to join Minis & Me?

Yes! $40 per semester or $75 if you choose to pay for both semesters up front.

We want all moms to be able join Minis and Me so if the registration fee is a problem, please contact Pastor Joe by calling the church at 717.397.1121 to inquire about a scholarship.


What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers a variety of benefits including:

  • It helps to pay our child care workers that care for our children while we enjoy some grownup time. 
  • It helps to provide great speakers at our meetings.
  • It covers meeting supply expenses.