LAC offers a variety of giving options so gifts can be handled in whatever manner is most convenient. In addition to the traditional Sunday offering baskets, you can give online by setting up electronic fund transfers, or by using your debit or credit card. We accept credit cards simply for convenience and do not encourage credit purchases of debt as a lifestyle.

The church is charged a minimal fee for checks and e-checks. The cost for the church for credit and debit cards is 3%. When giving through the portal (click "Make a Donation" below), you have the option to include funds to cover the church incurred fees for the convenience of online giving.

NOTE: As of 2/1/17 - If you have a reoccurring git through our previous vendor (VANCO Solutions), please cancel your reoccurring/scheduled gift by clicking HERE and logging into your account. Vanco Solutions option will cease by March 31, 2019.


  • Donation frequency: One time or recurring
  • Fund choices: General Fund, Great Commission Fund (Missions), Deacons Fund, Capital Improvements, and more
  • Payment methods: EFT from checking or savings accounts, debit card or credit card


Our leadership ensures faithful accounting and transparency of how our resources are utilized. Updates are provided in the bulletin and detailed information is posted near the front office.