Grief Share Support Group

Many of us have experienced loss in our lives. They come when we are not looking for them and they are not easy. This year at Lancaster Alliance Church, we are offering a Grief Share Support Group on Sunday mornings. You might be thinking that a support group is not for you. You may think "I suffered my loss many years ago" or maybe you are thinking "I have already dealt with that" or you do not want to wallow in grief but it does help you rebuild once you have been through a loss. Topics are discussed and addressed by professional video leaders including:

  • the challenges of grief
  • the changing relationships of grief, guilt, anger, stuck in a rut, heaven
  • and the difficult question of "what do I live for now"

You are welcome to attend a session and each session is self-contained. Class runs for the month of December in Room D2. 

John Evans and Mike Long will be helping to host this group with Shirley Hoke and Sue Hafner serving as coordinators. All four have walked through significant losses with the death of spouses in various situations. 

It is our desire to see you grow in your walk with God. 

Questions? Please contact the church office.