24-Hour Call to Prayer

Embracing God’s heart for the world as a community in a 24-hour Call to Prayer.

A few prayer slots remain open! Click HERE to register.

We encourage you to click through the links below to guide you through each prayer segment. 

Prayer Focus

Station 1: Personal.

Put aside your distractions and focus yourself on God by engaging in confession, scripture meditation, and praise.

Suggested verses to meditate on - 1 John 1:9; Psalm 19:12-14, 51, 63:1-4, 130, 131

Station 2: Community.

Take a moment to acknowledge any needs or praises you would like to share with your community at LAC. Share your prayer requests and praise reports, and take some time to life up your brothers and sisters at LAC in prayer.

Station 3: Leadership.

Lift up the leaders, teams, & ministries at LAC in prayer. Pray over and for them as they serve.

Station 4: LAC International Workers

Using your Easter PA Alliance Missions Prayer Guide booklet, pray over the International Workers connected to LAC. 

Additionally, pray over the following non-Alliance local and global workers, staff, and volunteers who are connected to LAC.

Station 5: Nations.

Using your Barnabas Aid Prayer booklet, list up the nations and pray especially for the International Workers serving around the world and countries in the 10/40 window. Additionally, pray over current world events such as the wars in Israel and Ukraine.

Suggested verse to meditate on - Psalm 46:10

10/40 Window Resources



Prayer for the World