We are committed to pray together because we desire it, recognize that we need it, and serve a God who calls us it. We seek to foster an environment where prayer is recognized as the primary work of God's people. 

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

1 John 5:14

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.


Click HERE to view a video message from Pastor Bear. As he mentions in the video, set aside time specifically to pray either by yourself, or with your family or friend, or Zoom with your small group, and then continue to pray as our country and leaders navigate this transition. Below is a guide to direct your prayer time.


I. Take time to praise, honor, and adore our Father in Heaven

  • He is our Sovereign King, the supreme Ruler with ultimate power.
  • He is our Creator, the Source of Life.
  • Without His work on our behalf (specifically Jesus), our voice wouldn't matter.

II. Pray for His reign

  • That our nation would repent and align with His reign.
  • That His church (our church) would repent and align with his agenda.
  • That we each as individuals would humbly submit to His power in our lives through the Holy Spirit.
  • That we would prioritize our representation of His reign in us to a lost and dying world with a sense of urgency.

III. Pray for His provision

  • For God to give us His peace and strength during these unsettling times.
  • For God's grace and strength to bring healing where needed in our families.
  • For God to help us to love all of our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and those who do not know Him.
  • For God to continually unite His churches in the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • For God to work in our leaders and for healing in our state and the federal government.
  • Specifically for our President, VP (incoming and outgoing) and all elected officials.
    • Pray for a strong personal relationship with Jesus.
    • Pray for physical and emotional health and safety.
    • Pray for their marriages and their relationships with their children.
    • Pray for wisdom (fear of The Lord) as they lead this nation and godly counsel.
    • Pray for a humble heart and a walk of integrity.
  • For God to protect all of us from the enemy of our souls who has managed to make truth so hard to discern in everyday life. 

IV. Pray for the Gospel to go forth

  • In our nation
  • In our state
  • In our church
  • In our neighbors
  • In our own homes

All of this for God's glory. Amen.   


PRAISE & PRAYER - Come pray together for the needs of our church family and the world around us. This group meets on Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm-8:00pm at LAC and via ZoomA Praise & Prayer sheet is emailed weekly. If you would like to receive, please contact the church office. During our time together, we pray for those on our weekly prayer sheet in our church, our international workers, and current events in need of prayer. Whether you have a prayer need or want to pray for others, we invite you to join us.  

HOME GROUPS - Coming into an environment of connection is extremely important as we grow in Christ. The small group setting at LAC includes home groups, Bible studies and special interest groups. Currently, home groups meet throughout Lancaster County in an effort to provide a place of care, connection, and encouragement. Home groups engage in living life together through prayer, fellowship and ministry. For more information and to inquire about the various groups meeting, fill out a Home Groups Interest form by clicking HERE


Lancaster Alliance Church is a praying church and engaged in expectant prayer.  One of the ways we express this is through the LAC Prayer Alert Network. These occasional alerts call us to pray when there is an urgent matter affecting the church family. We invite you to join one of our LAC prayer alerts networks.  Our options for inclusion are as follows:

  • By Facebook Group. Our LAC Prayer Alerts Facebook page is a closed group meaning you need to request to be added and approved by our administrator. The title of this closed group is "LAC Prayer Alerts." You may search for it in Facebook and request to be added. 
  • By Email. Please send an email to the church office asking to be included on our distribution list. 
  • Via text message sent to your designated device. Please send an email to the church office with your text number. 
  • By means of a phone call from a prayer chain. This is an opportunity for those who do not have access to a computer to receive a phone call with the prayer request and then contact the next person on the chain. Call the church office at 717.397.1121 to be added to the phone chain. 


If you have a prayer need, please email the church office or call the church office at 717.397.1121. If it is after business hours, press 1 to leave a message. If it is urgent, press 0 to be forwarded to the pastor on call. 

The "Connection Card" in the hymnal rack in the sanctuary is also the place for you to share your need. Place the card in the offering plate, or hand it to a pastor, elder, or a member of our Guest Services team. Your request will be covered in prayer by the elders, staff, or other prayer groups. 

During our livestream service on Sunday mornings at 11AM, you can send us your Prayer Request via a private fillable Care & Prayer form that goes directly to the pastor. Look for the Prayer Request button in the upper right corner during the livestream. For more information on our livestream service, click HERE

Our Care & Prayer confidential form can be submitted at anytime you are in need of prayer and goes directly to the pastor. Click HERE to access this form.