November 19, 2020

We are making some changes in our service offerings. Starting this weekend, we will be requiring masks in both services (Sundays at 8:00am & 10:30am). When the mask order was updated from the governor's office on Tuesday evening, the Pastoral team responded by seeking the way forward very carefully and intentionally. First and foremost, we sought the Lord in prayer and in the scriptures. We talked to other pastors and ministry leaders, our district leadership, our church leadership, and medical professionals.


The short version: Requiring a mask is the right thing for us to do in this season.


We will be wearing masks throughout the entire service (except for the preacher who is appropriately distanced) and ask that our other ministries (including small groups) do the same. Per the updated order, ages two and up unless a medical need prevents, will be required to wear a mask.

We could make this season about a lot of different things. Our desire and heart is to make it about the Gospel. Paul says there will be things to endure (1 Cor 9:12b).

This is an invitation to endure a mask on Sundays together.

Pastor Bear

Please spend a few moments listening to this important update from Pastor Bear by clicking HERE.



8:00am in the Theater. Please enter and exit through the East entrance doors.

10:30am in the Sanctuary

Any questions or concerns, contact the church office.

Thank you for your support during this challenging time and we appreciate your cooperation during this temporary inconvenience.


November 4, 2020

Please take a few moments to view a video message from Pastor Bear regarding a service scheduling change effective November 22. 

Click HERE to view the video.

Thank you for your continued support! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact the church office.



Please click HERE to view our Reopening Protocol document, which takes effect October 5, 2020


September 4, 2020

We are excited for increased on-site ministry opportunities launching this coming weekend! Please note that all children's offerings will occur on Sundays during the 10:30AM service and that Adult Discipleship Classes (ADC) via Zoom will begin on Sunday, September 13. Thank you for your patience and flexibility through this process. 


As we begin to open up more parts of our building, we encourage attendees to:

  • continue practicing social distancing,
  • regular usage of hand sanitizer (provided at each entrance) and hand washing,
  • encourage conversations to move outdoors to the green space. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Below are a few reminders and answers to a few questions you may have.



On Sundays, beginning September 6, the kids check-in will be located at the EAST entrance. Please be sure to park and enter through the east entrance to ensure your child receives their nametag and temperature check, prior to entering their ministries. Children will not be permitted into their designated areas without first receiving their temperature checks, tags, and parents signing the waiver.


Thank you for your patience, understanding, and flexibility in this season!



To facilitate easier access to the building, we encourage attendees to park in the ADA parking spaces located near the EAST entrance and enter the building through the east entrance. This is also the same location as our kids check-in area. 



What happens on Sundays if the sanctuary seating is at a maximum? We open the Theater! Upon arrival, attenders can choose to sit either in the main sanctuary or go directly to the Theater where the service will be livestreamed. However, once the sanctuary reaches its maximum capacity, then all those arriving at the church at that time will go directly to the Theater.

-The LAC Pastoral Team


August 6, 2020

Hello LAC Friends!
September is around the corner! As we we anticipate the fall, our plan is to gradually offer additional on-site ministry opportunities.

Beginning September 6, 2020, our plan is to launch or continue the following:




On-site service at 6:30 PM - masks required


Adult Discipleship Classes (ADC) - online via ZOOM at 8:45 AM (ADC kicks off on September 13)

Online and on-site @ 10:30 AM. Masks recommended.

On-site ministry for children

Nursery & Preschool - full-time ministry with parents dropping off their children prior to the start of the service and following check-in procedures including temperature checks.

Elementary - 1/3 time in the service and 2/3 time downstairs (max of 25 children per room)

  • Parents are asked to sign a release acknowledging ownership of risk prior to participation.
  • Click HERE to complete this form online. Even if you completed this form for summer activities, you must complete again.

  • Check-in will occur at the South Entrance.
  • Digital temperature of each child will be taken at check-in. Any child with a temperature of 100.4 and above are asked to quarantine right away along with their families.


  • Elementary: 1-2 events/month on-site (similar to the summer rhythm).
  • "56" & UTH: Weekly gatherings in the downstairs rooms or off-site locations.
  • Small Groups/Home Groups continue to meet off-site or online.
  • Wednesday evening meals will not resume in the fall. Women's Bible study, Praise & Prayer,  and Knights of the 21st Century will be meeting online.  Please check the website for updates during the month of September.   

Our plan is to continue ramping up by launching additional on-site ministry options based upon the assessments we do throughout the month. Thank you for your ongoing support as we work to provide ministry opportunities for all ages, keeping safety precautions and the health of our congregation at the highest regard. We encourage you to review our COVID-19 page for updates, health risk assessment, service offerings and guidelines, and FAQs.


We appreciate your continued prayers and if you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

Rev. Dr. Bernt King
Lead Pastor

July 17, 2020

As you may know, Governor Wolf has imposed limits on gatherings in these days of the COVID-19 pandemic effective July 16. These measures come as coronavirus cases are on the rise. There has been official communication that these restrictions do not directly apply to religious organizations, and as such, we will continue to offer online services as well as on-site services on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. We appreciate the governor granting this exemption, which officially permits us to carry forward.


In light of the fact that COVID-19 cases are increasing and that additional measures are being taken to limit exposure, we would encourage each of you to consider extra safety precautions. We will continue requiring masks on Saturday and recommending them for Sunday morning attendance. We appreciate your stewardship, both of your health and that of the church community, as we seek to be a testimony of the work of Jesus even during a pandemic.

We appreciate your continued prayers and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at

Rev. Dr. Bernt King
Lead Pastor

June 14, 2020

If you haven't already heard, on-site ministry resumed at LAC June 6-7, 2020. According to our Path to On-Site Ministry graphic (see below), we have proceeded to Step 3 with limited on-site capacity in addition to our continuing church online experience. 


In the past, LAC offered two Sunday services, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have sought to restructure our on-site services to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting between services. Therefore, we plan to proceed with three offerings for individuals to engage in a meaningful way as part of our LAC community:

Saturday evening at 6:30 PM - on-site service where masks are required and it is expected that attendees will practice social distancing. 

Sunday morning at 10:30 AM - on-site service where masks are recommended but it is expected that attendees will practice social distancing. 

Sunday morning at 10:30 AM church online in the comfort of your home. Those who are unable to watch the livestream at 10:30 AM, this service will become available for viewing on our website

We ask you to continue to, as Paul stated, "always abound in grace" as we navigate these days ahead.

We need each of you to take your own personal situation seriously and review the service options to determine what is best for you. This is an expression of stewardship - of that which God has given to each of us. If you haven't already done so, please review the Personal Health Risk Assessment Tool (see below), process the information in an effort to better help you determine which type of service is best for you to engage with at this particular time. If you would like to be on-site but are unable to connect with your physician prior to the weekend service, please contact Pastor Joe at and one of our LAC medical professionals will contact you to assist in this assessment.

Click HERE for the Path to Onsite Ministry Document.

Click HERE for the Health Risk Self Assessment Tool.

Click HERE for the Saturday vs. Sunday guidelines.

Click HERE for FAQs. Recommended to review.

We appreciate your continued prayers and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at


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