Adult Discipleship is an important part of the spiritual growth of adults at LAC.


Join us each Sunday to study together. ADC is designed using the Know, Grow, Show, and Go model of discipleship.


KNOW  Christ
GROW In Christ
SHOW Christ in everyday life
GO Out to share Christ with the world


Students of all life stages gather to dig into the Word of God and grow in His likeness. Join us in the journey as we grow together in Christ.


For more information about our ADC offerings, click HERE to email Pastor Joe Burchill. 

Winter Adult Growth Opportunity Classes

Starting Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 9:00am

APOLOGETICS - Have you noticed that our culture is looking less 'Christian' all the time? How did we get here? What should we do now that we find ourselves in a post-Christian culture? We will be studying together issues of our current cultural moment and will discuss how to make a case for the Christian worldview as the most loving and life-affirming way of understanding reality. This class is perfect for  grandparents, parents, and teens, but it is also ideal for anyone who interacts with non-believers on a  regular basis. This class is led by Jesse Skaggs. Location | Gym. This class is also offered via Zoom. Click HERE for Zoom login information. 


GOSPEL ENGAGEMENT PART I  - We will be discuss sharing and demonstrating the gospel in everyday life. This class is divided into Part I and Part II, with each being six-weeks long. It is beneficial to participate in both classes, but not mandatory. Adapted from Gospel Fluency.  This class is led by Pastor Rick Rosati. Location |  D1. 


GOSPEL ENGAGEMENT PART II - This second session of Gospel Engagement will be adapted from Gaining by Losing. Feel free to join us if you were unable to attend part Part I. Class will be led by Pastor Rick Rosati. Location | D1. 


PRAYER IN ACTION - Each Sunday morning, there will be a prayer gathering at the 9AM hour January 16-February 27. Participants will learn more about prayer and will be spending time in specific prayer for the services.  This will be a unique gathering format.  Prayer times will be focusing on the speaker of the day, the work of the Holy Spirit in the services, and joining together to enter into  worshipful prayer. Led by Michael & Kimberly Lapham. Location | D3