Family Leadership

This conversation is for those who recognize the need to lead their families well and would benefit from having conversations around how to do this in this day and age. It will vary in topic and approach and is a right choice for you in this season, regardless of the age of your kids.

Led by Pastor Bear and Dan West | Theater


the bible: fast forward

A practical historical overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing the unfolding plan of salvation as God reveals it through His covenants with the nation of Israel, and the fulfillment of those covenants in the   person of Jesus of Nazareth. You’ll gain an understanding of the unity of the Bible through God’s plan of  salvation as you’ve probably never grasped before. Led by Jesse Skaggs | D1

Looking at retirement

In the future, living the dream now, and helping families enjoy it. Retirement is part of life that many  people have thought much about. Many times, finances have been discussed through work situations. But, what does retirement look like for the person who has followed Christ their whole life? What do I do with my time? Is the world willing to accept retirees? What does the Bible stay about it? Enjoy various speakers who are walking the journey and are seeing God at work in many unique ways. Time will be spent also talking about some of the ways we can help our families prepare for retirement. Led by Pastor Joe Burchill | C3                        

Connect & Engage: a pathway towards membership

Are you ready to take the next step into life at LAC? Would you like to engage in meaningful relationships with others? Do you have questions about The Alliance and our local church ministry. Connect & Engage seeks to answer your questions and provide the pathway to church membership. We invite you to join LAC in leading people to Jesus and His life-transforming work. Led by Frank & Dot Milliken | C2           

prayer in action | year round

Each Sunday morning, there will be a prayer gathering. Participants will learn more about prayer and will be spending time in specific prayer for the services. This will be a unique gathering format. Prayer times will be focusing on the speaker of the day, the work of the Holy Spirit in the services, and joining together to enter into worshipful prayer. Led by Michael & Kimberly Lapham. Location | D3