Thank you for connecting with our Alliance workers during our Global Impact Festival. They were greatly encouraged by ongoing care for them.

Please continue to pray for our workers. Their requests can be accessed at (I will provide the prayer sheet as soon as I get home at noon).

Our initial GCF Faith Promise Pledge is $120,700. If you would like to add a Faith Promise Pledge, please do so by clicking HERE or at the church by November 30.

BRUCE & STEPHANIE BEERS – Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Pray for finalization of paperwork for the mission to establish legal identity in Uruguay.
  • Pray for the completion of the purchase of a ministry center in Montevideo.
  • Pray for spiritual hunger and thirst for the people in Uruguay.
  • Pray for the opportunity to connect with churches this year in the United States.
  • Pray for time with family and for good health.

CAITLIN KERR – Completed ministry in Cambodia

  • Pray for the Cambodian & C&MA Media Team.
  • Pray about the Covid lockdown and the effect on the church.
  • Pray for growth among the young adult Christians.
  • Pray for Caitlin’s personal transition into married life and future ministry.


  • Pray for visa paperwork to be completed in time for Kelly to return to Indonesia in mid January.
  • Ask that God would continue raising up Indonesians to share the Gospel with the unreached in Indonesia.
  • Ask that God would help Kelly narrow down what she should be involved in upon return to Indonesia.
  • Pray that the Cousin people would have hearts that are softened and ready to receive the truth of the Gospel.

KANDI LAY, Antioch Bible Institute, PhnomPenh, Cambodia

  • Pray for the unfinished stories of Kandi's students and friends in Cambodia.
  • Pray for God to raise up more students with a heart of God and for the city.
  • Pray that at the Antioch Bible Institute the students will be transformed into true disciples of Jesus who joyfully take the good news into the cities of Cambodia and make more disciples.
  • Kandi's updates can be found at