Adult Discipleship is an important part of the spiritual growth of adults at LAC.

Join us each Sunday at 9 AM to study together. ADC is designed using the Know, Grow, Show, and Go model of discipleship.

KNOW  Christ
GROW In Christ
SHOW Christ in everyday life
GO Out to share Christ with the world

Students of all life stages gather to dig into the Word of God and grow in His likeness. Join us in the journey as we grow together in Christ.

For more information, click here to email Pastor Joe Burchill. 



st Do Something

Building Healthier Marriages
Marriages today are under attack. So many different forces are calling for our time that sometimes our marriages are on hold. Would you like to be in an environment where you could talk with other couples, hear how God is working in them, and see what is helping them to grow together? Couples of all ages are invited. 

Jeff and Sandy Eberts will strive to create an environment of connection, application of God's Word for establishing better habits, and opportunities for conversation. This will be a unique and relationship building type of experience.

Led by Jeff & Sandy Eberts in Room D1.

Getting the Most of God's Word

Do you sometimes feel like reading the Bible is like eating oatmeal without milk? It can feel dry, not very exciting but you know it is supposed to be nourishing! It is time to learn how to read the Bible and really apply and understand it. Using the book, "How to Read the Bible for All It Is Worth," Tony Fritz will lead this study in exploring the excitement of God's Word. If you are thinking you are not getting much out of the scripture, you need to seriously think about joining this class. Class meets in Room C2.

Finding Hope

"My husband was piloting a plane and they crashed. He died that day. I was the mother of three small children at the time. Within a month, I was diagnoses with terminal cancer." 

How can this all be happening to one person? God chose to heal Patty Dietch of cancer, allowed her to raise her children, and brought her a husband to be a partner in serving the Lord. 

Join Patty & Steve Dietch as they talk about hope in a world that seems to be without hope. Sessions will include personal stories, DVDs, and accounts of God's strength for us as well as discussion. 

Led by Patty & Steve in the Uptown Theater. 


Living A Life of Understanding

Does the church face times of conflict? Where is the Holy Spirit in the church? How do we get along with other folks in our lives who are struggling? What is the role of the body of Christ? How can I understand all these things that seem to be difficult?

Dig deeper into the World of God as Eli Bradecich leads a study in 1 Corinthians. The Apostle Paul gives many instructions in how to handle life in the church and the work that the Hold Spirit has done, is doing, and wants to do in the future. This class meets in Room C3.

Women of the Word

Designed just for ladies, this class will feature the work of Jen Wilkin who digs into the true meaning and application of scripture. One student wrote, "this study has served to clear the fog in my heart and mind when it comes to studying God's Word."

Class facilitator Jamie Hilton, new to our LAC teaching staff, will offer a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper into the study of the scriptures.

This class will meet in Room D2.